Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Where is everyone going next week??

Next Weekend 8/15/08 starts the beginning of the AMC & OLTL FCW.
So where is everyone going??
Here is a link to see what is going on!
There are several events,
so go and check out some of them
and show your support to your faves!
As of right now, I know I will be attending the event for Forbes March,
but that's is all I know right now.
Jo Ann

Monday, August 4, 2008

In the News

Congrats to former guest Julie Marie Berman and Husband to be Michael Grady , they have announced their wedding date to be August 15, 2008.

Welcome back to Graham Shiels for however long it may be. We hope that Cody's renewed presence in PC will also bring back Lainey (Kent King)

Happy Birthday to Sebastian Roche! August 4, 1964

A Big Welcome out to Vinny Pastore, who will be joining the cast of GH, as Max Giambetti's father beginning in October.

And of course, a huge welcome back to Genie Francis. She will be back for another short stint. (Wish they would just keep her , instead of using her for a ratings boost, every so often.)

Rumors are flying all about of A. Martinez joining OLTL, so congrats to him!

Been Gone for A Minute!

Hi All! I have been gone for a minute, I know. :( I am working on a new website, and some new guests for the fall!
My thoughts
AMC, has just been a little boring for me lately, I have been FF thru most of it. I hope this new writer steps it up , and brings this Classic back to the top! I do like the pairing of Erica & Sam Woods, Lets see how far they will actually let it go. Annie, well, I really don't know what to say about her character. I guess, they destroyed it. She had possibilities. But, I will never understand why TPTB insist on putting back couples that just are supposed to be dead and buried, back on the top burner, and the supporting cast has to feel the effects. For example, where the hell is Josh? I mean, he is Erica Kane's son for crying out loud! How can you put him away, and cast him off as the resident uncle who babysits?! He is so hot, and sexy, there are so many outlets for him to explore still. But yet, he has been dropped from his contract.
Enough of that, let's get to OLTL, I am actually enjoying the whole throwback to the past with Bo & Rex, Mendorra is kind of silly, but look, if you can turn part of Port Charles int a town for Vampires and Angels, I could definitely deal with some humorous storytelling. Which is exactly what we are getting from OLTL right now.
General Hospital,
well to me it is like a train wreck and I can't stop watching no matter how awful it may be.
I just do not get it. It baffles me, on how the stories are getting more mundane. It seems to me it is all fill in the blanks dialogue. "I can't be around you cause it is too dangerous"
Or You are my husband and I Love you (even though I slept with my ex husband (again)) Where the hell has the Originality gone.?
We are now embroiled into the story of "Port Charles Mafia" and so disconnected from the original title "General Hospital
this was the original description of the show courtesy of Wikiipedia
Launched in 1963, the show's storylines revolve around the fictional city of Port Charles, New York, and the staff at its General Hospital. Initially focusing on the romances of the hospital staff, storylines branched out to cover relationships of various families such as the Hardys, the Webbers, the Spencers, the wealthy Quartermaines, and the noble Cassadines. General Hospital popularized the concept of the soap opera supercouple, with Luke and Laura. Their wedding was the most watched event in daytime serial history. Other storylines have followed an action-adventure format, with con artists and mafia bosses, spies and corporate intrigue, and travel to far-off lands, but nearly all stories have some connection to either an injury or illness at the Hospital, or one of the doctors or nurses who work there.
Now tell me are we still there? I think not.
GH Night Shift,
still too early to tell, I am hoping the resurrection of Jagger Cates, will bring some history back, and Brenda!
I guess that is it for now. Talk to you all soon!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

After the Emmys

Fashion is a big part of every award show.

How do you think the stars rated this year?

Who do YOU think wins the Best Dressed for the 35th Daytime Emmys?

Who do you think is the worst?

Here are some photos to look at!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Daytime Emmys "The After Math"

Let's start by saying right off the bat, Cameron & Sheri are absolutely fabulous together. The energy between them was incredible! The kiss that Cameron planted on Sheri!! WHOA! LMAO!I love Sheri Shepard as a host! She is fun, funny, and just, well, fabulous. She knows how to talk to the celebs, and she obviously made them all feel comfortable, and made them all laugh. And Cameron, well he is a terrific Host, he has had a lot of practice over the last few years, and he is definitely, got the gift for the gab!.
I was very pleased with the opening of the show, I loved the interaction with Sheri and the cast members of AMC. My favorite part was when she saw Thorsten Kaye, and Alicia, it looked as if Thorsten was going to bust out laughing at any second. The whole thing was LMAO funny!
I am enjoying the new "wedding style" set up. I think it is more personable, and fan friendly.
There has been allot of interaction between the hosts and the Actors/Actresses, and I think that makes up for the lack of interaction on the Red Carpet.
I was not pleased with the Red Carpet on Soap Net. Just as last year, it was rushed, did not flow smoothly, not enough interaction with the Stars, (especially the ABC Stars) Now, I know there were not many nominations for ABC, but come on, rep your own people!! They didn't even get to the ones who were actually nominated from ABC, then they have that Dr. Scholl Shoe for her Cam was there, and got used a few times ( that was shown) I don't know what happened while the cameras weren't on, but to me that is when it counts. Many times the question was never even asked of "who you are wearing", so I found it pointless to try and describe what everyone was wearing. I will have to read the mags and look at pictures just like everyone else.
Just another disappointment IMO.
The Best Supporting Actress went to Gina Tognoni (GL),who is a phenomenal actress, very well deserved.
Best Younger Actor Award goes to goes to Tom Pelphrey(GL), He was clearly emotional, and I believe very deserving
Best younger Actress Award went to Jennifer Landon
OLTL Scored BIG with best Directing Team for a Drama Series!
And Best Writing Team goes to OLTL!!
Supporting Actor : Kristoff St. John
Best TV Court Show, went to Judge Cristina (IDK who that is, never heard of her)
Best Entertainment Talk Show goes to Rachael Ray (whatever)
The highlight of the evening for me was watching the clips of Regis Philbin before they presented him with the Lifetime Achievement Award. He is one of my favorites for many years, and I loved the look on the audiences faces, as he spoke. He truly is an ICON of TV.
Congratulations to Regis!
Best Lead Actress goes to Jeannie Cooper (Y&R) this is her first win and well deserved!
Best Drama Series is

photos by Getty Images
To see more of Sheri Shepard & Cameron Mathison behind the scenes @ the Daytime Emmys

List of Presenters for the Daytime Emmys

Good Morning! Well Here is the list of preneter's from Soapnet!. And don't forget to tune into Stardish Radio Tonight @ 10:30 as we do our Post Emmy Wrap Up!


One of the best things about the Daytime Emmys -- well, really ANY awards show -- is who presents. Why? Because we get to see what they are wearing! Plus, we just love celebs. That's why we're super excited to see the line-up of presenters at this year's ceremony (which, in case you've been living under a rock, is June 20 at 8pm).
Jimmy Kimmel will be presenting the lifetime achievement award to Regis Philbin. Which is awesome ... but Jimmy could be introducing the Price Waterhouse accountants (y'know, the ones with the ballots) and he'd be hilarious. So psyched!
Barbara Walters, Susan Lucci, Tyra Banks, and Montel Williams are all on the agenda to present.

But that's not all (it would be a short show, right?). Also set to appear:* Debbi Morgan, Darnell Williams, and Cornelius Smith, Jr. (Angie, Jesse, and Frankie -- "All My Children")* Jake Silbermann and Van Hansis (Noah and Luke -- "As The World Turns")* Jack Wagner and Heather Tom (Nick and Katie -- "The Bold and the Beautiful")*
Alison Sweeney, Nadia Bjorlin, and Arianne Zucker (Sami, Chloe and Nicole -- "Days of our Lives")* Anthony Geary, Sarah Brown, Kirsten Storms, Bradford Anderson, and Jason Cook (Luke, Claudia, Maxie, Spinelli and unnamed-but-hot-new-character -- "General Hospital")*

Daniel Cosgrove and Marcy Rylan (Bill and Lizzie -- "Guiding Light")*
Michael Easton, Susan Haskell, Kassie DePaiva, Farah Fath, and John-Paul Lavoisier (John, Marty, Blair, Gigi, and Rex -- "One Life to Live")* Melody Thomas Scott, Don Diamont, and Doug Davidson (Nikki, Brad, and Paul -- "The Young and the Restless")

Thursday, June 19, 2008

GH Night Shift News!! Dominic Rains NEWS

Dominic Rains (Dr. Leo Julian) revealed to Stardish Radio,
that He will no longer be on GH and or NS.!
Listen to the full interview for all of the details of what happened, and what he is doing instead!

Interesting thoughts from Nelson

Nelson Branco, a Toronto freelance journalist wrote an interesting article regarding the Technical Aspect of the Daytime Emmy's read on:

The daytime community: Shame on you for not showing up to the Tech Emmys!What if you threw an Emmy ceremony and no one showed up? Well, on Friday, June 13, the Creative Emmys — held at the breathtaking Jazz building at Time Warner — proved yet again that daytime TV is dying a very accelerated death. I couldn’t find one executive producer or head writer at the event, except for As The World Turns’ lovely producer veteran, Carole Shure (she helmed Another World and All My Children in their glory days).

to read the entire article visit: http://tvguide.sympatico.msn.ca/The+Nelson+Ratings+June+16+2008/Soaps/Nelson_Ratings/Articles/080616_ratings_nelson.htm?isfa=1

Cameron Mathison: The New Ryan Seacrest????

Undoubtedly Cameron Mathison has become the busiest man in Daytime Television . Nelson Branco, from TV Guide Canada did a fabulous candid interview with our hunky Mr. Mathison. Read on to get the full scoop!!

TVG: Let’s talk about AMC for a moment. Ryan’s amnesia is thisclose to earning 2008’s Most Contrived and Non-Sensical Plot Twist. Thoughts?CM: Thanks for being so blunt about that! [Laughs] Truthfully, the storyline was a big miss, which is disappointing because it had potential. Barbara Esensten and James Harmon Brown [AMC’s exiting head writers] did the best they could, but I’m excited about the show’s new direction. For Ryan Lavery, this is the most vital period in his life because if the writers can’t find a way to rebound from this [maligned] storyline, then I’ll be seriously worried.

for the entire interview visit http://tvguide.sympatico.msn.ca/Soap+Idol/Soaps/Features/Articles/080618_cameron_mathison_NB.htm?isfa=1

Complete List of Daytime Emmy Nominees:

The 35'th Annual Daytime Emmy awards will be held on June 20, airing on ABCDaytime

Emmy Nominee ListDRAMA SERIES"General Hospital" (ABC)"Guiding Light" (CBS)"One Life to Live" (ABC)"The Young and the Restless" (CBS)

LEAD ACTRESS IN A DRAMA SERIESMaura West, "As the World Turns" (CBS)Crystal Chappell, "Guiding Light" (CBS)Nicole Forester, "Guiding Light" (CBS)Michelle Stafford, "The Young and the Restless" (CBS)Jeanne Cooper, "The Young and the Restless" (CBS)

LEAD ACTOR IN A DRAMA SERIESDavid Canary, "All My Children (ABC)Thaao Penghlis, "Days Of Our Lives (NBC)Anthony Geary, "General Hospital" (ABC)Peter Bergman, "The Young and the Restless" (CBS)Christian Le Blanc, "The Young and the Restless" (CBS)

SUPPORTING ACTRESS IN A DRAMA SERIESKelley Menighan Hensley, "As the World Turns" (CBS)Heather Tom, "The Bold and the Beautiful" (CBS)Judi Evans, "Days of Our Lives" (NBC)Gina Tognoni, "Guiding Light" (CBS)Tracey Bregman, "The Young and the Restless" (CBS)

SUPPORTING ACTOR IN A DRAMA SERIESTrent Dawson, "As the World Turns" (CBS)Daniel Cosgrove, "Guiding Light" (CBS)Brian Kerwin, "One Life to Live" (ABC)Kristoff St. John, "The Young and the Restless" (CBS)Greg Rikaart, "The Young and the Restless" (CBS)

35th Annual Daytime Emmys Gets a new Look!

Sheri Shepard and Cameron Mathison, the hosts of this years 35th Annual Daytime Emmys reavealed on The View today that there would definitely be a new look for the prestigious awards show, which airs
Friday June 20, 2008 @ 8 pm est on ABC.

By DERRIK J. LANG, AP Entertainment Writer

Friday's live broadcast of the 35th annual Daytime Emmy Awards on ABC will feature talk show and game show hosts, TV judges and soap stars gathered around their own tables in a new setup similar to the Golden Globe Awards.

"Usually everyone is sitting in a row," co-host Sherri Shepherd told The Associated Press before rehearsals at the Kodak Theatre on Thursday. "This year, it'll be like a wedding. We're also going to do something so that fans will be able to get a view of what's going on at the different tables."

Digital video cameras will be placed at each table and attendees will be asked to document their experiences during the show. Throughout the ceremony, the footage will be uploaded to www.soapnet.com
Part of having the tables will be to bring that party atmosphere to the show, said co-host Cameron Mathison. Really, what I'm hoping for is that people at home will get a real true sense of the energy here.

The stars' tables have already been assigned. Ellen DeGeneres is situated between the tables of Barbara Walters and Tyra Banks.

Behind them?

The tables of the various judges competing for the first-ever legal/courtroom program Emmy.
During the ceremony (airing 8-10 p.m. EDT) "All My Children" star Mathison will wear an Arnold Brant tuxedo while "The View" co-host Shepherd will wear gowns by Badgley Mishka and Angela Dean and jewelry by Chopard.

"I've got three dresses, three wig changes and enough jewelry that they gave me a bodyguard," said Shepherd.

The ceremony will also borrow something else from the Golden Globes: an open bar.
"Liquor is always an added bonus," said Shepherd. "But Cameron and I won't get to drink 'cause we'll be working

Thursday June 18, 2008

Hey everyone! I want to say a BIG Thank You to Ryan & Jen from ITZ who invited me to pinch hit on their show last night. I had so much fun with Jen, she truly is a delight. So, even though ABC pretty much got shot down in the Emmy Noms this year, I hope everyone will tune in any way to support the other actors. We all have our favorites, there is no doubt about that, but there are so many other talented actors/actressess/writers/and staff they can use the support too! So share the love tomorrow night! And then make sure you tune into Stardish @ 10:30 pm est, for a Post-Emmy discussion with myself and Tony. We will be talking wins, and lossess, fashion do's and don'ts.! It is going to be a great show , no doubt!
So, till then, bye for now!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Good Morning All!!
I have some news on the re-scheduling of Bree Williamson, unfortunately it isn't going to happen anytime soon. I was informed tht she is extremely busy, and wouldn't be able to reschedule for quite some time. :( I know you were all looking forward to it, but I promise I will make it up to you some how!!!
I am working on a line up for the next few weeks, and I hope I can make it happen for all of you!!
Bye for now

Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday June 16, 2008

Good Morning Everyone!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, especially the father's out there, and all of you single mom's who are essentially father's too!!! I spent father's day with my father ,my brother and a very dear family friend.
So this is week on Stardish Radio!
Tonight, Robbie Carricco, from American Idol Season 7 will be on talking about his experiences, and his new music.
Tuesday Jason Gerhardt, (ex-Cooper Barrett-GH)
is going to let everyone know what is going on with life after GH.
I am waiting for a couple more confirmations, and then I will post some more!
Let's Dish Baby!!!
We dish on all the things Entertainment, Daytime, and Primtime! We have an incredible line up of Stars each month that comes to dish with us!

We air Mon-Tues-Thurs @ 10 pm, EST (dates, times, and guests are subject to change without notice) so make sure you keep checking our calendar! The show airs on www.blogtalkradio.com/stardish, but this is our main site where you can come for all program updates and read comments posted by other Stardish listeners. Be sure to leave a comment!